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RE: Please get submitting/applying, something to fill in the gaps for the meantime

Hi people,

We have not yet had nearly enough content submissions, regular contributor applications or editor applications! It is vital that if you are trans and are able to do this, you check out the options and look at what you could possibly do. I can’t get this off the ground by myself.

Meanwhile, I have written a post about the aftermath of the Orlando shooting and how the community could possibly deal with it with a magazine I write for, Affinity. You can read it here while you’re waiting for content to appear on this space:

LGBTQ People, Be Brave in the Aftermath of the Orlando Shooting with Me

If you are stuck on what to submit, a tribute or some sort of piece about what happened in Orlando would be especially beneficial to a lot of people and yourself, I think.

Love and trans pride,




Hi, my name’s Sam Volante, and I’m a trans person (he/they pronouns) who is passionate about my people, and the progression of my people – we do not get representation. We do not get a voice in the media, in politics, in society as a whole. We do not get to share our art. We do not get to share that we are proud to be trans. This space aims to change that. Young trans people are vibrant, talented, and determined, and I stand entirely behind them.

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